internet round-up

10 things you can do in case the internet breaks

With various events such as Kim Kardashian taking off her clothes and a confusion about dress colour ‘breaking the internet’, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the internet is a much more fragile place then we previously thought.

Clearly we need to put a strategy in place. If just one person’s actions, no matter how ordinary or mundane, can result in an overloading of the internet’s circuitry then who knows what global catastrophes could occur if something moderately important happens.

It’s not a question of “if the internet breaks” but when.

10 things we loved on the internet this week

I think I’m so flipping cool, with my cynicism, my tattoos, the motorbike I ride to work on and the toothpick that’s constantly hanging seductively off my bottom lip.

Man, I’m such a rebel. 

But then every once in a while something will come along to chisel a little crack into this ice-cold facade. Such a thing has happened this week.

10 things we loved on the internet this week

I’m going to write this week’s collection of madcap internet fun using only emojis.

Because what says ‘madcap internet fun’ more than emojis? Nothing. One day the entire Econsultancy blog, our downloadable reports, research and even our training will be delivered using tiny, imperceptible symbols. It’s inevitable.

10 things we loved on the internet this week

Whatever mood you woke up in this morning, whether jubilant, furious or crestfallen, the weekly round-up is here to make it all better.

Sure it can’t fix your broken heart, mend your flat tyre, or install your preferred government in a bloody/bloodless (delete where applicable) coup, but it can offer a brief distraction from what ails you.

Think of this as a calming nightlight, a tiny beacon that holds your attention while all the horrible monsters under your bed gather and wait in the darkness.

Stop thinking about those monsters now! Just look at the light. There, there, always looking at the light…

12 things we loved on the internet this week

When the transatlantic soft-rock band Foreigner pleads “I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me” what is the best way to respond?

Here’s my advice. Gently run your fingers through the permed hair of lead vocalist Lou Gramm, place your other hand to his chest (directly over the spot where his broken heart aches) and whisper softly to him “let’s talk about love”.

Then promptly sit him down in front of a laptop and show him three hours worth of cat Gifs, LEGO remakes of film trailers and the Atari version of The Shining. He’ll thank you for it. 

Then before leaving Gramm will surely turn to you and say “I now know what love is. I shall tell the rest of Foreigner.”

10 things we loved on the internet this week

Love is a powerful word, one that you have to use sparingly so as not to diminish its meaning.

So know that when I use the word ‘love’ here in the context of this collection of fleetingly popular viral videos, super distracting desktop games and mildly offensive wordplay, I have considered all possible romantic complications that might occur and the risks involved.

Please don’t get too attached to me though Shake It Off parody video, I will eventually forget about you in seven days time when another Shake it Off parody video comes along.

14 best things on the internet: business high-five edition

Okay good hustle this week guys. Some real blue-sky thinking.

Now it’s the close of play we can get all our ducks in a row and drill down to why this paradigm shift is so integral to leveraging the core competency of each vertical, whilst actioning key learnings.

Just circling back on this with a heads-up, have we run this all the way up the flag-pole yet? Going forward it would be to wise to pivot towards eating the elephant one bite at a time.

It’s a game-changer, I feel it in my very marrow. Great. As I said before, pre-revenue is looking baked-in so let’s not marinate too long, so why don’t we take a break by looking at some stupid crap on the internet for 10 minutes? Great.

10 best things on the internet: celebrating net neutrality edition

What a week that was, huh? I don’t know about you but the internet had a very busy week.

For a start the net neutrality policy was passed on Thursday. If you’re not already aware, this is a set of rules that basically ensures that no government or corporation can control free and open access to the Internet.

So that’s a good thing. A great thing. A tremendous thing even. And how did we celebrate this momentous occasion?