12 highly distracting things we found on the internet this week

The fact that any work was done at all this week is nothing short of a miracle.

Nobody likes a round-up of entertaining things found on the internet with a delightfully sarcastic commentary more than me.

Well, imagine the burden of having to be the one who puts this thing together then. What do I get to read in order to distract me when it’s my off time?

It’s not like there are any alternatives out there.

Let’s move swiftly on to the round-up.

14 things we found on the internet this week that justify its very existence

I can guarantee with absolute conviction that even now before I’ve even begun curating this round-up of gimmicky internet flotsam, there is absolutely no way the content of this article can possibly justify that headline.

We have an old saying in the internet round-up trade: “lead them on with extraordinarily unrealistic expectations and leave them deflated and questioning their own life choices.”

It’s not exactly pithy, but unfortunately it’s the best motto we could come up with at the time and nobody’s thought to come up with a better one.

Here’s the round-up.

12 things of enduring value and interest we found on the internet this week

Think of this as a modern update of Reader’s Digest. 

In fact I may just steal the original strap line from its very first edition in 1922 and modernise it a little.

12 articles (or GIFs, Tumblrs and memes) each week from leading (ish) websites – each article of enduring value and interest (again, ish), in (very) condensed and compact form.

Yeah that should cover it.

11 of the best things we found on the internet this week according to a very ambiguous set of parameters

Unfortunately we can’t let you know too much about the complicated algorithm used to create this list. You’ll just have to fight over the subtle, ever-changing nuances yourselves.

Just know that it works and if you play by our rules your gift is entertainment. If you’re bad… oh alright, you can still have the entertainment. I’m not a complete monster.

Here is the round-up.

14 things we found on the internet this week, adjective to be decided

I’ll think of a suitable word once I’ve finished collecting this week’s round-up of entertainments from the internet.

Sure, this collection probably will be magnificent, glorious or mind-blowing, there’s a high probability of it.

It might not be though. It could instead be Earth-shattering, sweat-inducing or eye-popping. It’s dangerous for me to even speculate right now, so instead I will leave the emotionally manipulative description until after we’re done. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you or lead you astray. 

Here’s the round-up:

10 magnificent things we found on the internet this week

It’s with Bon Jovi’s ‘Bad Medicine’ still ringing in my ears from a night spent in a tiny room filled with Karaoke that I bring you this week’s ‘things we found on the internet that are great’ round-up.

Why the celebratory vocal-chord shredding on a week night? Because Thursday is the new Friday! 

Which makes Friday the new Saturday I guess. So if today’s Saturday that means I really should be watching cartoons and then heading off to Woolworths to buy cassingles instead of doing this.

Of course all of this makes little to no sense if you’re reading this on any other day than Friday. Anyway I’ve got approximately 20 minutes before Thundercats is on, so I’d better finish this quick.

Here’s the round-up.

12 formidable treats found on the internet this week

It’s the round-up of weekly entertainments from around the internet that doesn’t really have a consistent name. 

You have a collective name though, dear readers. You belong to an exclusive group known only in my head as Rounders.

Yes Rounders, a loyal group of obedient troopers, grateful for this fleeting few minutes of joy every week. 

It is to you Rounders that I dedicate this week’s, and indeed every week’s round-up.

Apart from last week. Last week’s round-up was dedicated to William G. Morgan the inventor of volleyball, for reasons I shall keep to myself.

12 ways the internet made our lives ‘better’ this week

It’s a treacherous place out there on the internet. 

One misstep and you could be the unwitting victim of a phishing scam.

One erroneous ecommerce visit could lead to an accidental purchase of goods or services you didn’t want because the ‘buy it now’ button is far too ambiguous for our tiny brains to handle.

One innocent search for ‘who is Kim Kardashian’ can lead you directly to the Mail Online. 

Again. It’s a treacherous place out there.

If only there was a safe harbour. An area cordoned off from the scammers, the tricksters and the muck-rakers. A place you can be guaranteed nothing but high quality entertainment and useful information provided by the most ethically minded curators.

Well until that place is found, you’ll just have to make do with this…

An undetermined number of brilliant things we’ve seen on the internet this week

Don’t worry it’s Friday, you can stop reading that article on basket abandonment emails now and indulge in something a little more extra curricular.

“But we’re so engrossed in our work that we just don’t have the time to find anything fun on the internet,” I hear you all cry.

That’s exactly why I’m here. To source you the very finest distractions, oddities and marvels the internet had to offer this week while you were off doing something better/more important.

Where to start… Let’s see… *ruffles pages of the internet*… Ah, here we go.

13 things I learnt about the interweb last year

Let me tell you, it’s more than just the excellent doge.

Last year I started writing for the Econsultancy blog and it’s allowed me to go to a lot of cool conferences and learn about some new things, from Google Glass to big automated email and CRM systems.

Here are some of the things that stuck in my mind from last year and perhaps a few things you might not know about digital and the interweb.

For regular followers of our interweb anti-format post (crazy stuff from across the web), don’t worry, it will return next week.

10 funny interweb things we’ve enjoyed this week

Welcome to Econsultancy’s anti-format. This is a fun and perhaps unnecessary respite from our best practice research and blog posts.

The big news this week is that Econsultancy’s tech team has incorporated a gif retriever into our CMS. This means we will never need cash again.

Enjoy what we’ve enjoyed this week and please share with your family.