16 things we found on the internet to cheer your jaded soul

Looking at the internet and being a cynic go hand in hand.

After all what’s the alternative? We wander around the place like a wide-eyed lunatic believing everything we read? Lord knows how many Nigerian princes would be receiving our life savings and film streaming services would be direct-debiting us long after we’re dead.

All is not lost though.

I bring together the following amusing entertainments in order to give that snarky, trolling mind of yours a rest and remind you that not everything on the internet is ‘out to get you’.

Then once you’ve finished reading, if you can send a cheque made out to Christopher Ratcliff, c/o Econsultancy for £5,000, then I can free up some capital left to me by my deceased grandmother. I’ll then be able to pay you back with 15% interest later in the year.

14 adjective flouting things we found on the internet this week

I’ve got my hat on. I’ve got my boots, dusty. I’ve got my saddle on my horse. It can only mean one thing… It’s round-up time!

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