Why variety is the spice of online retail

More than 10m iPhone 6 devices were sold during the opening weekend. This is record breaking, even for an ecommerce giant like Apple.

Carrying a wide assortment of products and knowing your competitors’ inventory can keep you from falling behind in the ecommerce industry. 

With numerous retailers carrying millions of items, it is almost too large to wrap your head around.

Publishing plus: managing inventory to the publishers and advertisers benefit

Recent research from Google put some solid figures behind a notion that has been common knowledge in our industry for some time – consumers are using a mix of phones, tablets, computer and TVs to consume digital content.

However, a point to consider beyond this isn’t just the number of devices that are commonly used to digest content, but the sheer amount of content consumed in total. 

Q&A: Jay Stevens of the Rubicon Project on display advertising


The Rubicon Project helps publishers make more money from their display advertising inventory by optimising their use of ad networks. Founded two years ago, the company already has more than 1,500 premium customers, optimises more than 40 billion ads each month and reaches more than 500 million unique internet users.

The company’s International Vice-President, Jay Stevens, (formerly MySpace’s VP of European operations), shared his thoughts about trends in display advertising, the growth of ad networks and what this means for publishers.