iPad app review

App review: eBay’s revamped iPad app

Earlier this month eBay overhauled its iPad app to offer users a range of new functions and hi-res images.

The app now has a customisable homepage, back button and new ways to view search results. eBay appears to have taken the liberty of giving itself five stars in the product description, but are the upgrades actually an improvement? 

User reviews in the App Store show that opinion is fairly polarised: 362 people give it five stars but 265 give it one star.

App review: Spotify for iPad

Spotify unveiled its new iPad app this week, adding to its existing portfolio of iPhone and Android apps.

It’s free to download and has graphics that are optimised for the new Retina display.

But to be honest I was surprised that Spotify didn’t already have an iPad app, so was expecting it to offer some remarkable functionality to make it worth the wait.

Unfortunately it doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean that Spotify has dropped the ball with their latest mobile offering…