iPad Mini

Amazon uses homepage to diss iPad mini

The $329 iPad mini may be selling like hotcakes, but that isn’t fazing one of Apple’s biggest competitors in the tablet market. According to Amazon, the Kindle Fire HD has not only survived the launch of a smaller, cheaper iPad, it’s actually thriving.

That may suggest that the iPad mini and Kindle Fire HD aren’t really competing with each other, but don’t tell that to Amazon. The online retail giant thinks that the iPad mini is a juicy target and is using its homepage to prove the point.

Designing for the iPad Mini: best practice tips

The new iPad Mini presents another set of problems for websites looking to appeal to mobile /tablet users, as it’s a new screen size between iPad and smartphone. 

Having been released in time for Christmas, it’s likely to sell like hotcakes, so the number of potential users means companies need to consider how they will adapt their websites for the device. 

It’s a challenge, since existing mobile or desktop sites won’t necessarily adapt well to the screen size. It may be too small for desktop, yet too large for mobile sites. 

I’ve been speaking to James Sherrett from Mobify, who has some suggestions on early best practices for iPad Mini design…