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Mobile app review: Notonthehighstreet on iPhone

Notonthehighstreet.com (NOTHS) unveiled a new iPhone app today, giving shoppers a new way of accessing its range of gift ideas.

The app allows users to browse its full range of product ideas and also includes a ‘Gift Finder’ tool that gives tailored present ideas in the run up to your friends’ birthdays.

Since launching in 2006 NOTHS has seen impressive sales growth and now stocks unique products from more than 3,000 small businesses.

It is currently trying to expand globally, and earlier this month we spoke to senior marketing manager Jim Warren about the company’s attribution model.

Mobile sites vs apps: which one do I need for my business?

By 2014, mobile internet is set to overtake fixed internet access. This was the big headline from Microsoft Tag’s Mobile Marketing infographic last year.  

No surprise perhaps, seeing that out of the world’s 4bn mobile phones in use, 1.08bn are smartphones, and apps have become a global phenomenon. Apple’s App Store alone has now reached 25bn downloads, tracking at 1bn downloads a month, a figure nine times greater than the number of burgers sold by McDonald’s!

Consumer’s expectations are changing and as more and more businesses go mobile, you need to ensure you’re not losing customers by not moving with them.

If 10% of your total audience are using a mobile device to reach your website, it might be time to start thinking about making an investment in mobile. 

Domino’s increases sales: With better tasting pizza or better delivery?

Domino’s may be focusing on better tasting pizza in the states, but in the U.K the chain increased sales last year the way it always has: by making it easy to get pizza.

Acknowledging a weakness in their “core product” of pizza, Domino’s has spent the last few months revamping its recipes and relaunching its pizza brand stateside. But it looks like a cold front in the U.K., some key brand partnerships and revamped digital efforst are to thank for the company’s sales boost across the pond in 2009.

iPhone app review: Edinburgh Festivals Guide

Once a year Edinburgh’s population more than doubles with an influx of visitors arriving to take advantage of Edinburgh’s festival season.

A new iPhone app has many positive features to help punters through the maze of shows and venues, although some improvements can be made to support the user journey. 

Mobile app review: Net-a-Porter for iPhone

Fashion etailer Net-a-Porter launched a mobile commerce app for the iPhone last week, allowing customers to browse and buy on the move.

The iPhone app displays what seems to be a limited range of stock, showcasing new arrivals and the retailer’s magazine. I’ve been finding out how easy it is to browse and buy from the Net-a-Porter app.

Net-a-Porter iPhone app

Ocado launches iPhone shopping app

Online grocery retailer Ocado has just launched an iPhone app for customers to create shopping lists and order groceries, which makes it the first online supermarket to move into mobile commerce.

I’ve been trying out the ‘Ocado on the Go‘ app…

Oasis launches iPhone app

Fashion retailer Oasis launched an iPhone app this week, which allows shoppers to browse through the latest outfits, read the newsletter, and find your nearest store.

I was asking which UK retailers have mobile commerce sites earlier this week, and didn’t manage to find many examples. While this app is not quite an m-commerce site, you can select items on the app and pay via the main site.

App review: Radio Times for iPhone

TV listings magazine Radio Times has recently introduced an iPhone app, which gives users access to listings for all the major TV, satellite and cable channels.

Designed by tvCompass, the Radio Times app (currently £1.79 in the App Store) is a pretty neat piece of work, providing excellent user experience and some useful extra features. In fact, it’s much easier to use than the main website.

Travelodge launches iPhone booking service

Budget hotel chain Travelodge has just released a handy iPhone app that locates nearby hotels, allowing users to make a reservation. 

The iBooker app can be downloaded free of charge from the app store, and makes good use of the phone’s GPS functions.

I’ve been trying it out…

Mobile app review: Telegraph on iPhone

The Telegraph released an iPhone app last week, the first to be developed by any of the UK’s newspapers, though others will surely follow. 

In an area where few of the UK’s newspapers excel, The Telegraph had one of the better mobile versions of its site, so has it managed to create a decent iPhone app?