iPhone OS

Is 2010 the year of the tablet?

Rumors are swirling around Apple’s major product announcement later this month. According to a variety of sources, Apple is set to unveil the long-awaited tablet computing device that has been the subject of speculation for quite some time.

Many believe that an Apple tablet will be as revolutionary as the iPhone. Some go so far as to suggest that it could alter the computing landscape altogether.

Apple’s response to netbooks: a tablet?

When asked about netbooks earlier this year, Apple COO Tim Cook didn’t beat around the bush: “They have cramped keyboards, terrible software, junky hardware, very small
screens, and just not a consumer experience, and not something that we would put
the Mac brand on, quite frankly

That’s fine, but the reality is that netbooks have made a huge mark on the market and have been given credit for driving much of the growth in the PC market. It’s not hard to see why: for $300 or less in some cases, consumers can have an internet-capable ‘mini-laptop‘. In this economy, it’s safe to say that many netbooks have been sold to consumers who otherwise would not have made a laptop purchase due to price considerations.