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App Store jumps past 500,000 iOS apps

This week, Apple achieved what may be one of its most impressive milestones to date. In the past three years, it has approved 500,000 iOS applications for entry into the App Store.

The App Store, of course, is the world’s most popular ‘app store.Billions of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps have been downloaded through it, generating billions of dollars in sales.

For developers hoping to hit the jackpot developing apps for smart phones and other portable devices, the App Store is almost always priority numero uno.

Obama White House goes mobile

white house appHow best to celebrate the first anniversary of the Obama administration? Why, with an app, of course – and a mobile web site, to boot.

Released today, the “The White House” app is so far only available for the iPhone and iPod touch, but more versions are promised soon. The app is loaded with more information than even the hardest-core policy wonk may want to know: information from the White House blog, news releases, photos of what the Commander-in-Chief is doing, and archived video. If posts and other content invite comments, users are linked back to the WhiteHouse.gov website.

Freemium works in the iPhone’s $2.4 billion App Store business

It may come as no surprise that more people download applications on the iPhone and iPod touch than on Google’s Android phone, but on both services, people are making purchases based on services they’ve already tried for free.

Mobile ad network AdMob released its July survey results today. After surveying 1,117 mobile phone users, the company found that across platforms, free-to-paid upgrades are the most cited driver for mobile app purchases, helping to prove that the freemium model works. In mobile at least.