iron maiden

The best things on the internet: “So long suckers” edition

Welcome Friday-feeling marketers everywhere! Hopefully today’s solar eclipse hasn’t darkened your spirits, because this is a very special round-up indeed. My last one.

Yes, I’ll be moving on from Econsultancy after five fun-filled* years, and so regular round-up wrangler Christopher Ratcliff has given me the chance to say goodbye right here on the blog.

15 solid gold internet timewasters

Fill your mind with treasures both inconsequential and only slightly inconsequential with our weekly round-up of internet oddities.

How do we manage to uncover so many wonders, when we work so hard during the rest of the week publishing nothing but insightful, well-researched serious content?

Trade secret: we employee ex More magazine writers to ghostwrite our articles. Occasionally the odd ‘sex tips to drive him crazy’ post slips through the net, but so far nobody has seemed to notice.