What could Google‘s acquisition of ITA Software mean for travel companies?

Last week, Google announced that they had been given the go
ahead by the American Justice Department to buy specialist travel
technology company ITA Software.

There has been some speculation as to
the impact that this will have on the online travel industry and also
Google’s motives behind the $700 million deal. What has not yet been
addressed is how this could actually impact travel websites.

Yahoo’s outsourcing: why the weak will get weaker

Yahoo’s identity crisis is nothing new. And under the reign of the company’s current CEO, Carol Bartz, Yahoo’s identity crisis has arguably turned into an identity tragedy.

Nothing reflects that better than Yahoo’s newfound ‘product development‘ strategy: outsource everything to third parties, some of which were previously competitors. Recently, Yahoo outsourced Yahoo Personals to online personals competitor, and yesterday it was announced that Yahoo is outsourcing a good chunk of Yahoo Real Estate to real estate competitor Zillow.