Guest checkout test: which of these 25 US retailers force users to register?

One of the biggest barriers for customers about to use a checkout is forcing them to register their details first.

Presenting them with page after page of forms in which they need to fill out the most unnecessary of personal details is a quick way to send your customers to the exit, leaving many abandoned baskets and lowering your conversion.

Earlier today I looked at 30 UK retailers and which ones force their customers to register, now it’s time to turn our attention to the USA.

How the other half markets: three lessons for luxury retailers in 2013

The posh set may still lord their smart handbags, pricey silks, and Ibiza getaways over the masses in the offline world, but in digital it’s a different story.

Online, luxury retailers struggle to keep up with the Kmarts and J.Crews of the world. In fact, according to a recent study by L2, one in five luxury brands still lack ecommerce capability, and 30 percent of them have yet to incorporate basic site search. 

Econsultancy Google hangout: finding your relevance with email – Thursday, September 20

At Econsultancy we often write about how you can experiment with different types of content with your marketing efforts so we thought we’d take our own advice and try our first Google Hangout: Finding Your Relevance with Email. We will be streaming this through our YouTube channel this Thursday, September 20 at noon EST.

In short, our Google Hangout will be like a conference panel, except no one needs to travel. It will feature: 

  • Nicole Delma, Director of Email Marketing of J. Crew
  • Donald Parsons, Director of Global Email at Amazon
  • Morgan Stewart, co-founder and CEO of Treadline Interactive
  • And our own Stefan Tornquist, VP of Research, who will be our moderator

This session came about as we believe marketers are numb from hearing that they need to be relevant. Combat that by joining our experts to discover their secrets in creating email that is appointment viewing in the inbox.