Storytelling brands: Jaeger’s illustrious 130-year heritage

This is the second instalment in my series of posts looking at brands that use storytelling as part of their marketing activities.

I won’t bore you with my full definition of what I think storytelling should mean in a marketing context, but suffice to say that I think it should be used to describe authentic content that reveals something interesting and truthful about the business, such as the origins of its products or a look inside the company culture.

Jaeger’s head of ecommerce on customer experience & multichannel retail

At Demandware’s Xchange ‘14 conference I caught up with Jaeger’s head of ecommerce, Simon Spencelayh, to find out how the fashion retailer is improving the customer experience and its multichannel capabilities.

It’s less than a year since Jaeger relaunched its online store for the second time in less than 12 months, and only around eight months since Spencelayh started his new role.

So it’s clearly been a period of change for the company’s ecommerce team.

Here’s what we discussed…

Jaeger’s new website let down by drab colour scheme

Fashion brand Jaeger recently launched a new e-commerce site that it says will help “create a true multichannel experience both locally and internationally.”

It’s an important launch for Jaeger, particularly as it coincides with the Christmas rush.

But it’s also a major part of the brand’s plans for international expansion, as it has plans to expand its presence in emerging markets during 2013.

With this in mind I decided to see whether Jaeger’s new site, built in partnership with eCommera, is actually any good…

Jaeger sees basket size grow by 300% using interactive hotspots

Jaeger has released stats relating to its use of interactive hotspot technology within footage of its Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

A linkto player allowed visitors to the retailer’s website to ‘shop the catwalk’ by encoding three full-length catwalk videos from London Fashion Week. In this case, products were highlighted by a subtle, greyed-out box and tracked as the model moved down the runway, each of which is then clickable to purchase.

The videos saw an average engagement rate (viewers clicking on at least one hotspot) of 27% across all videos, a click through rate of 13%, and an increase in basket size onsite of over 300% from people who purchase via the video.

Clarks launches first transactional mobile site

Clarks has become the latest in a run of retailers to launch a transactional mobile strategy, announcing today that it has created its first ever m-commerce site.

With the company’s full product range available to buy, people can shop directly from their mobile or locate their nearest store. 

Jaeger uses mobile to make international ordering possible

High street retailer Jaeger has launched a transactional mobile site that will make it possible for international orders to be taken for the very first time.

Built by DesignUK, the optimised site is part of Jaeger’s goal to develop a seamless multichannel strategy – and has been tested against all of the major manufacturers’ devices.