Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice and Get Your War On: A lesson in attribution

Jamba Juice’s new ad campaign has quickly turned from homage to failure. 

The company’s new “cubicle-cation” spots are a riff on corporate malaise, using stock images of office workers from Clip Art to present the brand as a salve for office boredom.

But the images, from the workers to the speech bubbles and fonts, bare a striking resemblance to satirical comic strip Get Your War On.

The creator of that strip, David Rees, is not happy about the similarities. He says Jamba Juice is a “bunch of balloon biters” and has taken to the Internet in protest. He’s calling for a boycott and a National Day of
Prayer to “pray our way across America, destroying Jumby Juice
franchises left and right.”

Rees’ objections may be mostly sarcastic, but the lesson is not.