Japan Airlines

Why booking a flight with APAC’s premium airlines is an arduous journey

I’ve previously examined the flight search experience on APAC’s budget airlines, and now it’s time to turn the spotlight on the premium end of the market.

This time though I’ve looked at the process of buying a flight and how easy it is to get through the checkout.

Airlines probably have greater freedom than other industries when it comes to web design, as purchase decisions tend to be driven by cost so people are less likely to drop out just because the checkout is tricky to use.

But with an ever-increasing focus on the customer experience, airlines need to ensure their websites match their best-in-class aspirations.

I looked at the UX to see whether the reality matches the advertising, but first here’s the criteria we look for in checkout design:

iBeacon trials: 13 brands trying to find a use case

You’ve probably heard about iBeacons. It’s the cool new technology that Apple put in the latest iOS that’s going to kill NFC, QR codes and every other mobile marketing technology.

At least that’s what people generally perceive to be the case due to consumer indifference to the other technologies I mentioned, as well as the fact that history proves that the safe bet is generally with Apple.

Though it’s worth noting that the technology is also available in the latest Android handsets.

At the time of writing iBeacons are still in the trial phase, but hopefully one of the global brands currently experimenting with them will prove that they can be used as a successful marketing or commerce tool. 

To find out more about how the technology works, read my post investigating what iBeacons are and why marketers should care