Jeff Bezos

10 customer experience soundbites from Jeff Bezos

Late last night I learned that Jeff Bezos had acquired the Washington Post, for what appears to be a very reasonable sum of money. I certainly didn’t see it coming, but then again I didn’t expect the Kindle to be a success. Never bet against Bezos.

I met the man himself in 2001: he was a ball of energy, despite just stepping off an overnight flight to London, and his vision for the future of his company, and the industry, was very impressive. 

A year early, Matt Kelly interviewed him – the first European interview with Bezos – and having just read it, I find it totally striking that Bezos was so customer-focused, back in the day. It’s easy to think that the phrase ‘customer experience’ is relatively new. It’s not.

Here’s one excerpt from Matt’s interview:

I love improving the customer experience. I teach our staff to be really anally retentive in that regard – it’s just so important.

That kind of focus on the customer is a big part of what makes Amazon – and other customer-centric companies – so successful. 

I thought I’d compile a few other nuggets of wisdom from Bezos relating to the customer experience.