Jeff Dachis

SBI: Subway proves food porn is a winner

This week it’s all about food and games on our weekly showcase of The Dachis Group’s Social Business Index.

Our focus is on three well-known brands – the world’s largest sandwich chain, a specialty grocery store, and the people behind Monopoly – as analyzed by Lauren Picarello of the Dachis Group team. 

We’ll also take a glimpse at the top twenty brands on the Social Business Index, a real-time ranking of more than 30,000 global brands based on their performance in the social space, to see how the biggest brands in social are faring.

Q&A: Jeff Dachis on the new Facebook APIs and big data

Arguably Jeff Dachis is most known for co-founding the interactive marketing and design agency, Razorfish, in 1995.

A two person operation which started in Dachis’s bedroom in New York, blossomed into a 2200 strong company worth more than six billion dollars. With the dot-com crash, Razorfish fell with it. Its shares plunged to $1 from $47 per share at the beginning of 2000 and 400 employees lost their jobs.

Leaving Razorfish after its downturn, Dachis went on to form Bond Art + Science in 2006 and in 2008, Dachis founded the Dachis Group in Austin, Texas with the idea that everything can and will be social. 

We had a chance to talk to Dachis about why he set up Dachis Group, its relationship with Facebook, how they are integrating Facebook’s new APIs and how marketers can start to leverage Facebook as it moves into big data territory.