Jeffrey Hayzlett

Q&A: Kodak’s Jeffrey Hayzlett on The Mirror Test

Thanks to the rapid growth of digital cameras — and camera-equipped smartphones — traditional camera makers have had to make a lot of changes over the past few years.

Eastman Kodak Company, for instance, went from selling $15 billion of
film five years ago to less than $2 billion last year. To counter that
shift, the company is working hard to transition from the analog to the
digital world.

One person who has been at the forefront of that shift is the company’s
Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hayzlett. Kodak now does 70% of its
business in digital. In addition to marketing the brand, Hayzlett has
taken charge of changing the mood of his company. That campaign has
taken many formats, including multiple guest appearances on NBC’s
Celebrity Apprentice, where Kodak is a sponsor and participant.

Hayzlett’s long been a proponent of social media, and has used the
medium to change the way Kodak does business. From crowd sourcing
product names and features to various customer service initiatives,
Hayzlett has been so bullish on social that he created and hired for
the position of Chief Listening Officer to keep track of the brand

I’ve written about Hayzlett before, and the last post I did, about
Hayzlett’s notion of “emotional technology,” sparked a debate in
our comment section that questioned the validity of valuing listening
above sales. With Hayzlett’s book The Mirror Test coming out this week,
I decided to track him down and ask a few more questions on the matter.

Kodak’s CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett on emotional technology and how to use it

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a social media evangelist. As Kodak’s chief marketing officer, he’s led the company into new territory, reaching out to consumers online and changing the company’s structure in response. He’s hired Kodak’s first Chief Blogger and created the position of Chief Listening Officer, a role he thinks will be required at every major company in the near future.

Last year at the 140 Character Conference, he coined the term twankers. This year, he focused on the emotional technology at work in social media and how to use it.

Q&A: Kodak’s Jeffrey Hayzlett on Twankers and Kodak’s social media presence

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Kodak’s Chief Marketing Officer, is one of the top ten executives that tweet. You can find him on Twitter solo (@jeffreyhayzlett) or in the river of exectweets, where he holds the title of the “most Twittering CMO.”

Speaking at the 140 Character Conference (video here), he evangelized about the medium over two days, railed against “Big Ink” (aka. HP) and coined a new term — “twanker.”  (He also gave away a few of Kodak’s new Zx1 pocket video cameras to audience members while he was at it).

Econsultancy caught up with him to find out how Kodak is using Twitter and what brands are missing out on when they forgo social media as a customer service tool.