Jeremiah Owyang

Q&A: Jeremiah Owyang on Community Manager Appreciation Day

The role of a community manager is one that is becoming more strategic by the day in over all digital strategy.

While different brands may have different needs and approach, the impact and benefits of opening up discourse with your community/customers is such that everyone benefits, and hence the community manager is in high demand around the world.

Since today is Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD) we are releasing the fourth and final installment in our series by JD Waldow on Online Communities, as well as getting some insights into the profession and the holiday created to celebrate it from none other than the day’s creator, Jeremiah Owyang.

Altimeter’s Owyang releases State of Social Business Report

Corporations are failing to train their staff in how to use social media properly, according to research presented today at LeWeb.

Jeremiah Owyang, partner at Altimeter Group, presented the company’s ‘State of Social Business’ report which found that despite the lack of training, the average number of social media accounts held by large corporations is 178.

Forrester to analysts: you can blog, but…

Late last week, it was reported that Forrester Research had implemented a policy under which analysts with personal blogs related to the technology markets they cover at Forrester would be required to ditch them and instead publish their blogs on

The move raised eyebrows since some of Forrester’s analysts and former analysts are well-known bloggers in the markets they cover.

Q&A: Jeremiah Owyang on personal branding and his move to Altimeter

Jeremiah Owyang became something of a social media superstar while working as an analyst for Forrester. Covering social media for the research firm, he also opines on the topic on his personal blog, Web Strategist, which receives over 100,000 visits a month — more than the combined monthly views for Forrester’s top competitors Gartner and IDC.

Owyang was one of many analysts to leave Forrester this year, and his departure added to the chatter that personal brands are starting to eclipse corporate brands in the tech space. With two of Forrester’s other former star analysts — Charlene Li and Ray Wang — Owyang is now a partner at consulting firm Altimeter Group.

I caught up with Owyang last week on the phone to talk about what he’s up to at Altimeter and what research firms are going to have to do to retain top talent.