Jeremy Waite

Is CTR an irrelevant metric for Facebook ads?

Facebook has said all along that CTRs are irrelevant as a metric for social ads, instead trotting out the line that “you can’t click on a TV ad, but we know that they still work.”

If you were cynical you may think this was a way of masking the fact that people don’t click on Facebook ads in huge numbers.

But should social ads be treated differently to other digital channels such as display ads found on other sites or Google’s PPC ads, which are judged to a varying extent on their CTR?

A recent infographic from Wordstream compared the effectiveness of ads placed on Google and Facebook, highlighting that the average CTR for Facebook ads is 0.051% compared to 0.4% for Google.

But this discrepancy is to be expected, as Google ads are presented when a user is actively searching for information about a particular topic or product while Facebook ads appear when the user is essentially socialising.