Jerry Daykin

It’s official, Cadbury’s Facebook ads are better than its TV ads (sort of…)

Facebook campaigns are better than TV! That’s the overall message that one could have taken from Jerry Daykin’s talk at our JUMP conference last week, where the Mondelez EU social media manager shared some insights from the brand’s recent Crème Egg campaign.

But before you write an angry letter to the editor, there are obviously a number of caveats involved that will be explained forthwith.

Mondelez has a strong heritage of creating outstanding social content thanks to its various sub-brands which include Oreo and Cadbury.

One obvious case study is the over-hyped Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet that has become renowned in marketing circles for being the very definition of real-time advertising.

Cadbury’s top five best practice tips for Google+

Google+ is still a mystery to many brands, but some brave souls have been using the fledgling social platform to build a new community of brand advocates.

As of this week Cadbury has been added to more than 500,000 G+ circles, making it the most popular consumer brand on the social network.

We recently reported on its G+ product launch, but what other tactics has the confectionery brand used to build its community?