John McCain

Q&A: Dana Perino on the Bush and Obama branding

Dana Perino was White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush from 2007 until the Obama administration took over this January. She came to the White House after September 11th, 2001 and took over the press office after Tony Snow resigned in 2007. Fielding questions from the press, Perino was called everything from an “exceptionally normal person” to an ice queen in her role as press secretary.

Econsultancy caught up with Perino at CM Summit during Internet Week to get her opinion on Obama’s brand strategy and what George Bush could have done better online during his presidency.

Q&A: Eric Frenchman, Chief Internet Strategist, Connell Donatelli

Eric Frenchman has been managing online advertising and CRM campaigns for over a decade. His corporate work has involved brands like AT&T, Diageo and Harrisdirect. Today, he’s the principal of Eric Frenchman LLC and Chief Internet Strategist for Connell Donatelli Inc., an online agency focused on politics.

In 2008, Eric managed the online campaign of US presidential hopeful John McCain. We spoke with Eric to learn more about that experience, the lessons learned and how some of the techniques Eric and his team applied in the political campaign can be applied by digital marketers at large in advance of his keynote at Econsultancy’s The Future of Digital Marketing conference.