Four reasons why marketers need to think like journalists

When we suggest that marketers should think like journalists, we don’t mean you should start hacking phone calls and selling kidneys to get the next big scoop.

Trust me, having worked as a journalist in some capacity for more than six years, I can tell you that not all journalists are like that (and besides, I no longer have the technology for that line of work. Or any kidneys, for that matter).

What we mean is that marketers should adopt the same practices that great magazine journalists do in order to produce engaging and sharable content. This involves preparing your content well in advance, building relationships with your audience and telling valuable stories that people want to read.

Think of your customers as subscribers. Great magazines have loyal readers who come back time and time again, due to the relevancy and quality of the content produced by their journalists.

In order for your brand to have the same impact online, here are four reasons why you should start thinking like a journalist when it comes to your content marketing.