jump the shark

Have non-techies and the Twitterati ruined SXSWi?

SXSWi is one of the most popular tech and conferences in the United States. Many of the tech industry’s movers and shakers make their way to Austin, Texas for the conference every year along with entrepreneurs, journalists and interested observers. But has SXSWi, thanks in large part to popularity amongst non-techies and the Twitterati, been ruined?

One tech journalist, Jolie O’Dell, who writes for the popular blog ReadWriteWeb, thinks so.

Twitter is about to jump the shark, says expert

Steve Rubel was one of the first people to demo Twitter, back in December 2006, and since then he’s been all over it. But he’s come to the conclusion that it is about to jump the shark. 

He provides three reasons why this will happen, though I’m not sure I agree with him. Steve writes: “No community has ever had staying power. Twitter right now is poised to fall victim to the same trend.”