How Vodafone increased conversions by integrating channels

Fully integrating channels in a customer marketing program or campaign is not easy.

In fact, the recent Econsultancy/ CACI Integrated Customer Experience report showed that despite 90% of companies wanting to integrate across channel, only 20% actually have a well-developed strategy.

Even when there is a strategy, implementing it is a process laden with obstacles. The most common problem for businesses is the complexity of a customer’s interaction across multiple channels, departments and systems.

Related to this issue is the fact that multiple departments need to be aligned on planning and change activities required. This cross-departmental responsibility creates resource allocation and control issues.

It’s official, Cadbury’s Facebook ads are better than its TV ads (sort of…)

Facebook campaigns are better than TV! That’s the overall message that one could have taken from Jerry Daykin’s talk at our JUMP conference last week, where the Mondelez EU social media manager shared some insights from the brand’s recent Crème Egg campaign.

But before you write an angry letter to the editor, there are obviously a number of caveats involved that will be explained forthwith.

Mondelez has a strong heritage of creating outstanding social content thanks to its various sub-brands which include Oreo and Cadbury.

One obvious case study is the over-hyped Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet that has become renowned in marketing circles for being the very definition of real-time advertising.

How Game empowers CRM with personalised communications

Keen readers of this blog may have seen our recent interview with Game’s insight and reward director Fred Prego on the company’s multichannel strategy.

And earlier today at our JUMP event Prego expanded on Game’s CRM strategy, including case studies on how his team uses personalised messages to drive sales.

Prego began with some quick stats to dispel the myth that the company is bankrupt, stating that the business has 320 stores and 30% market share.

Furthermore it attracted 20m customers online and in-store in the past 12 months and has had 750,000 app downloads.

However following its brief stint in administration last year, Game has re-emerged with a new focus on its customers and now aims to build the UK’s most valuable community of gamers.

Best Western: how customer experience and telling stories will grow your business

Tim Wade is Director of Marketing & Ecommerce at Best Western Hotels, and has been responsible for repositioning  the brand in Great Britain under the strap line ‘Hotels with personality’.

Tim will be speaking at our JUMP event on October 9 about the importance of customer experience and storytelling for the brand.

In advance of this, I’ve been asking him about the story behind his presentation…

Evans Cycles on the key drivers for multichannel shopping

Will Lockie is Multichannel Head at Evans Cycles, responsible for helping a 90 year old retail brand bridge the gap between online and offline. 

He’ll be presenting at our JUMP event on October 9, on the subject of identifyng drivers for multichannel shopping behaviour to improve multichannel experience. 

Here, Will talks about the company’s approach to multichannel retail, the value of a physical presence, click and collect, using QR codes and more…

Why it’s worth your while to join up online and offline marketing: a #JUMPchallenge post

This guest post from Anthony Burke is part of the #JUMPchallenge, a blogging competition designed to raise awareness of how to join up online and offline marketing, launched to support Econsultancy’s JUMP event.

It was originally published on the WSI blog, and looks at how some offline marketing techniques can be integrated with online marketing… 

How Virgin uses big data to create engaging branded content

Bob Fear is Digital Content and Marketing Manager at Virgin, and he recently been involved in the relaunch of Virgin.com. 

He has devised the core Virgin brand’s digital content and social strategy from scratch, and will be speaking about using data to create engaging branded content at our JUMP event on October 9. 

I’ve been asking Bob about the presentation, and Virgin’s approach to content and social media… 

How Ford Retail is bringing digital into the boardroom

Celia Pronto is Group Marketing and Ecommerce Director at Ford Retail, and her expertise is in working with multichannel businesses experiencing vast transformation.

She will be speaking at our JUMP event on October 9, about Ford Retail’s digital transformation, and the importance of customer experience. 

Here, Celia gives us a taste of the presentation, and some valuable insights into the company’s strategy…

Why mobile apps and in-store wi-fi are central to B&Q’s omnichannel retail strategy

One of the outcomes of the consumer move towards ecommerce and digital technologies is that traditional ‘big box’ retailers have had to adapt in order to survive.

Many businesses that once relied on giant retail warehouses have needed to downsize their physical properties and move towards an omnichannel retail model that integrates digital and offline sales channels.

To find out more about B&Q’s strategy I spoke to director of omnichannel Michael Durbridge, who will also be speaking at Econsultancy’s JUMP event on October 9.

Why omnichannel retailing is essential to Game’s future growth

The Game Group was one of several high profile retailers that ran into financial difficulties in the past few years, eventually entering administration back in March 2012.

However under new ownership as Game Retail Ltd and with a renewed focus on omnichannel retailing the company expected to make £20m profit in the year ending July 31 2013.

To find out more about the business’ omnichannel strategy and plans for future growth I spoke to insight and reward director Fred Prego, who will also be speaking at Econsultancy’s JUMP event on October 9.

JUMP is all about creating seamless multichannel customer experiences. Now in its fourth year, the event will be attended by more than 1,200 senior client-side marketers. This year it forms part of our week-long Festival of Marketing extravaganza.