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Five demoralising Google Trends

Google Trends is a time vacuum. Many a time I’ve been lost, exploring abstruse, spurious and tantalising connections between search terms, instead of doing actual work.

Below, with more than a hint of my own tastes, I’ve screenshot some of what I consider to be dispiriting Google Trends (one of the more fun uses of Trends).

See if you agree with my pseudo-pop-culture laments. Yes, this is a pre-UK holiday post, a bit of fun, but, with the inclusion of YouTube search data in Google Trends as of this week, now is a great time to get stuck in yourselves.

Popular Twitter ‘influencers’ have little influence: study

The word ‘influencer’ is thrown around a lot today but when you get
right down to it, there’s still a lot of debate about influence online
and who influencers are. Can marketers harness influence through social
media to further their campaigns? Can marketers even identify

While these are very valid questions, many simply make assumptions
about what influence is and who has it. But according to a study that
looked at the tweets from well-known Twitter celebrities who are often
classified as influencers, these assumptions might very well be wrong.

Justin Bieber takes Twitter hack personally

Justin-BieberAs any seasoned Tweeter knows, success it isn’t about how many followers
you have, it’s about reach.

Recent figures may put Lady Gaga at the top of the tweeting pile, but teen-pop bubblegum sensation Justin Bieber
may well have the edge when it comes to actual influence.

Not to
mention a mischievous streak that could cost one tech savvy super fan

Youtube hacked…by 4Chan?


 After succesfully fending off an (alleged) hack attack by the Chinese government earlier this month, it seems that Google’s technicians weren’t quite fast enough to catch an attack on Youtube from an entirely different source: 4Chan.