Five brands that have warmed hearts on Twitter

It can be hard for brands to look spontaneous and fun on social media.

We, particularly the Brits, are all too sceptical about brands doing anything other than trying to sell us stuff.

However, when brands get it right, it can be really rather special. I’ve rounded up some of my favourites. I should nod to Hootsuite and it’s first Connect event, where I picked up the Kellogg’s and Axe case studies.

See if these tweets make you laugh or cry, as they did me (mostly laugh). If you want more case studies, subscribers can shoot over to our case study archive.

Five good and four bad examples of brands using Twitter

Twitter is a brilliant tool for communicating with consumers and when used effectively can be a great way of building customer loyalty.

In recent weeks I’ve come across a number of brands that have excellent Twitter strategies and several that I thought were less impressive.

This could be because they were dull, unimaginative or simply weren’t living up to their potential.

So to shine some light on the differences between those brands getting it right and those that perhaps aren’t, here are five good and four bad examples of brands using Twitter…

How Kellogg’s uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

For the latest instalment in our series of posts looking at how brands use the four main social networks I have decided to turn the spotlight on Kellogg’s.

The breakfast brand has a massive range of products that appear to be well suited to social marketing, so one would probably assume that they have established a strong presence across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

As you’ll see though, that assumption is almost entirely incorrect.

By way of comparison, check out our other posts that took a similar look at brands including Nike, Walmart, Red Bull, Cadbury and McDonalds