Kelvin Newman

Content marketing for human action

According to a recent talk at Outbrain NY, one of the most powerful voices of online news discovery, Gabe Rivera, believes algorithms will never be able to curate as effectively as humans.

This is why your content marketing initiatives should never underestimate human action.

Four simple actions that will help you get the most of Google+

Love it or hate it, Google+ is here to stay so you may as well start trying to use it to your advantage. The overriding argument for getting on G+ is that, put simply: “It’s Google.”

Think how much of your traffic comes from search. Don’t you want to do everything you can to ensure that you maintain and improve your search rankings?

We’ve previously looked at how G+ and +1s impact SEO performance, and while there doesn’t yet appear to be a direct correlation between the two, there is evidence to suggest that sites with strong social profiles experience a strong uplift in organic traffic.

At Social Media Marketing 2012 Site Visibility’s Kelvin Newman took a closer look at the relationship between G+ and SEO.

He suggested that G+ was created as a way to help Google improve search results by giving it a better understanding of which websites are high quality and relevant by adding social proof.