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Kenneth Cole: is a tagline of ‘views my own’ inoculation against scandal?

Kenneth Cole’s ‘personal’ Twitter account has a bio that states ‘My tweets are not representative of the corporate @kennethcoleprd feed’. 

This poses some questions about governance. Is a tagline of ‘views my own’ inoculation against scandal?

The answer is ‘you’re missing the point’, as is Kenneth.

Kenneth Cole uses social media to stir up controversy

Fashion retailer Kenneth Cole is no stranger to social media controversy, having jumped on the back of the Egyptian riots to promote a clothing line earlier this year.

Hashtag hijacking can go badly wrong, and there was predictable outrage at the time, given the gravity of the situation in Egypt.

Equally, jumping on the back of other serious causes isn’t always a good idea. In this respect, Kenneth Cole’s new social media campaign is playing with fire.