Buying bloggers: when will brands come to their senses?

The cozy relationships brands have forged with bloggers have been
controversial from the start.

Are marketing and PR initiatives that
target bloggers smart strategy, or are they little more than a flawed
I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” approach to social media?

The concerns over the latter have been so great that government agencies
have scrutinized how brands work with bloggers, and how those bloggers
promote those brands to their readers.

Leader, participant or observer: How “social” is your company?

FedEx logoIt’s clear “everyone’s doing it” when it comes to marketers and social media –
but that doesn’t mean everyone understands why. Examples of social media successes and failures abound, but with
minimal standardization, it’s not easy to benchmark one company’s strategy against a competitor’s, or the industry at

FedEx and PR and marketing agency Ketchum have a new study on the matter. Surveying more than 60 brands such as AT&T, Cisco, Southwest Airlines, Chevron and GM, their research found marketers fall into three distinct buckets in terms of their social media efforts.