keyword data

Has (not provided) become a major barrier to effective SEO?

The restriction of keyword referral data has had a major impact on SEO, with marketers seeing it as the second biggest obstacle to search success. 

An inability to see this data has prevented marketers from optimising their organic search campaigns as they had done in the past. 

Our UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report 2014, produced in association with Latitude, has surveyed companies and agencies about their attitudes to the almost total loss of organic keyword data. 

Eight alternatives and workarounds for missing (not provided) data

With Google’s recent changes removing most of the remaining organic keyword data, I thought I’d round up some of the workarounds and alternatives for measuring organic traffic. 

Of course, nothing can really substitute for the real data and, as pointed out here, it may force SEOs to analyse a greater breadth of data, and to look at things like organic performance per page, not just per keyword. 

Until then, here are some tips and alternatives to organic keyword data…