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Google reconsiders keyword domains

2011 has been a busy year for Google. Faced with increasing criticism about the quality of its search results and the tactics publishers use in attempts to influence them, the world’s most prominent and widely-used search engine has taken aggressive steps to crack down on paid links and content farms.

But Google’s tweaks may go well beyond moves to reign in black and gray hat SEO tactics. In fact, it may be looking at core components of its algorithm altogether.

Exact-match keyword domains: the fastest way to first page SERPs?

The idea that exact-match keyword domain names can be a significant ranking factor is not new. But, for me at least, the significance has always been hard to confirm for a few simple reasons.

First, it’s not every day that I acquire an exact-match keyword domain for a popular search phrase. Second, I’ve never launched a new site on an exact-match keyword domain with the specific goal of seeing what the domain can do on its own. That makes it nearly impossible to isolate the ranking factors that are likely contributing the most to results.