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Popular Twitter ‘influencers’ have little influence: study

The word ‘influencer’ is thrown around a lot today but when you get
right down to it, there’s still a lot of debate about influence online
and who influencers are. Can marketers harness influence through social
media to further their campaigns? Can marketers even identify

While these are very valid questions, many simply make assumptions
about what influence is and who has it. But according to a study that
looked at the tweets from well-known Twitter celebrities who are often
classified as influencers, these assumptions might very well be wrong.

BRITE: Influence on Twitter can’t be purchased with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may be earning a nice chunk of change charging for Sponsored Tweets, but according to Yahoo’s principal research scientist, marketers who pay celebrities to tweet are likely wasting their money.

Yahoo’s Duncan Watts spent two months analyzing influencers on Twitter and found that a large group of people who influence an extremely small group are a more effective (and cheaper) way to share a message than enlisting a celebrity Twitterer.

The FTC may soon be keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s tweets

Those that envy/hate Kim Kardashian for raking in $10,000 per tweet may soon be partaking in some schadenfreude. The reality TV star is being sued for an allegedly libelous tweet. And if she keeps up her habit of vaguely disclosing her sponsorships, the FTC will soon be slapping her with fines as well.

Kardashian is a member of the growing cadre of individuals who get paid by companies to tweet advertisements. Thanks to her large following of almost 2.8 million twtitterers, she’s also Twitter advertiser’s highest paid Tweeter. The company’s CEO Sean Rad says that she gets paid $10,000 per tweet. But Kardashian’s attempts to fit ads into 140 characters could open a can of worms when it comes to disclosure and proper attribution.