West End retailers slow to adopt in-store technology: stats

Retailers in London’s Oxford Street and Regent Street have been relatively slow to emply digital technology to improve the in-store experience for customers, so says a new study.

Tech provider Omnico has carried out a survey more than 90 retailers for uses of 17 different technologies, including reserve and collect, wi-fi, kiosks, iPads and more. 

The retailers studied are using an average of two technologies, while 30% of retailers don’t use any at all. 

Web technology has a big part to play in the future of the high street, so who’s using what? 

High street retailers ‘missing out on £1bn per month’. How the web can help

High street retailers are losing up to £1bn of sales per month due to poor stock management, as customers leave stores downcast and empty handed as their item or size isn’t available. 

While the high street is facing many difficult challenges, this is something that be solved relatively easily with the help of the internet. 

According to a YouGov survey commissioned by Venda, 38% of 2,043 respondents have left stores without making an intended purchase as the item they wanted was unavailable. 

So, let’s look at how stores can address this problem, and save some of those lost sales…

Groupon pushes deeper into travel with Uptake acquisition

Groupon may be a multi-billion dollar company, but the daily deal market has lost quite a bit of its luster over the past year. From consumer fatigue to merchant nightmares, the daily deal isn’t going away but will likely have to evolve sooner than later.

One of the ways Groupon is addressing this is by tapping into different markets. For instance, it’s experimenting with outdoor kiosks that target deals to tourists in popular U.S. cities.