Kodak Picture Gallery

Kodak risks major PR fail after purge of the free

Kodak risks major PR fail after Kodak Gallery purgeKodak has done the unthinkable by alienating vast swathes of long-term customers by deleting pictures stored in the Kodak Picture Gallery.

The Gallery stores ‘billions of photos’ for it’s 75m members, and the costs associated with running this part of its business forced Kodak to change its terms and conditions

It now requires users make at least one ‘annual nominal purchase’, otherwise their pictures will be deleted – unless an annual fee of either $4.99 (for sub-2GB accounts) or $19.99 (for heavier users) will be charged. 

Kodak says it has communicated this via email ‘over a period of months’ (it started to message users almost a year ago), but nevertheless, many users have been shocked by the decision to delete their pictures. Certainly it’s not something that sits well in the Flickr age.