LeBron James

LeBron James: when does personal branding go too far?

LeBron James is arguably the world’s most talented basketball player. And he leaves no doubt: he knows it.

But his stock has fallen significantly after the self-proclaimed
King‘, adored by NBA fans in his hometown of Cleveland, decided that
the best way to announce that he was leaving for greener pastures in
Miami was on a carefully-choreographed television event that
resembled a Madison Avenue-produced Broadway play.

C’Mon LeBron: New York City entices a basketball player with social media

Can a city’s savvy digital media strategy win a name brand basketball contract? That’s what New York City is hoping for.

The city’s celebrities — from Mario Batali to Jimmy Fallon — have recorded videos trying to entice the “world’s best basketball player” to come to New York City. But can a social media campaign compete with whichever city offers LeBron the most millions?