LeBron James realizes digital matters. But is he ready for the backlash?

In 2010, if you want to be the King of the NBA, you need to have a digital presence. That’s what LeBron James is quickly learning as he ponders his current contract decision. The man currently known as the “best basketball player in the world” may be ending his reign as America’s most sought after free agent on ESPN tomorrow night, but this whole process has shown how big social media’s role has become in real-time events. Sports writers, fans and even cities have been immersed in the process online.

And now LeBron is deploying his digital strategy. He’s got a shiny new Twitter feed (KingJames), a soon to launch website, and an hour long ESPN special to announce his decision. It may be the most elaborate PR strategy ever for an unsigned basketball star. Which leaves a question unanswered: Is he ready for people turn on him?