legal agreements

The $4m Google penalty

Getting smacked by Google is never fun, but when you run a
multi-million dollar online business that generates much of its sales
through Google’s SERPs, a Google smack down can be downright painful.

Just ask Ryan Abood, who runs According to a
by Inc. Magazine, Abood lost $4m when his was dropped from Google’s index in 2008, right
before the most important time of the year — the holidays.

Fine print can make or break your business

Most people don’t consider reading legal agreements a favorite pastime. But not reading and understanding them can be a deadly mistake when your entire business depends on the agreements you’re required to adhere to. One internet entrepreneur is learning that in a hard and very public way.

Chris Pearson has built a successful business selling WordPress themes and a WordPress theming framework called Thesis. But if WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg has his way, Pearson will either be making changes to the way his business operates or closing up shop.