2030: have email and social destroyed the art of letter writing?

Imagine it’s 2030, that’s 16 years from now, not half past eight in the evening, clever guy.

You sit down to write a letter with your futuristic ray gun pen. But wait, haven’t the postal service just announced hover ships are no longer delivering sealed missives?

Have postal bods stop delivering the letter (the last mile at least)? How have letter volumes changed alongside email and social messaging? How has click and collect affected courier services? Could Amazon be ruling parcel mail?

There are indeed lots of questions.

Well, it’s the New Year and I think it’s time for a literature study, this time looking at the humble letter. After all, I have previously delighted and enthralled my colleagues, collecting tens of page impressions by writing about the fax machine. So why not pen and paper?

I’ve been tracing the history of letter writing in numbers alongside the rise of email and social. Are we close to the end of the letter and triumph of online?