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Q&A: Mark Hanson on promoting Labour online

Much has been said about the influence of the internet on this election, especially after the example of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008.  

I’ve been talking to Mark Hanson, who works with Labour’s new media team, about how the Labour Party is using the internet, and what they have learned from Obama. 

Election memo to party leaders: please sort out your terrible websites

Google searches for the leaders of the main political parties soared on the day the general election was called. Searches for David Cameron doubled overnight; interest in Gordon Brown was up 2.5 times; and people Googled Nick Clegg’s name five times as often on the Tuesday as they did on the day before.

But guess what? The main UK political parties, especially the Conservatives and Labour, have made a pig’s ear of their leader’s online presence. If their pathetic online efforts are anything to go by, this is in no way the first digital election. Here’s how they are going wrong…