Fine print can make or break your business

Most people don’t consider reading legal agreements a favorite pastime. But not reading and understanding them can be a deadly mistake when your entire business depends on the agreements you’re required to adhere to. One internet entrepreneur is learning that in a hard and very public way.

Chris Pearson has built a successful business selling WordPress themes and a WordPress theming framework called Thesis. But if WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg has his way, Pearson will either be making changes to the way his business operates or closing up shop.

The NLA explains why it is going after the news aggregators

The Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) licenses companies to copy from national and regional newspapers and collects fees on their behalf.

I’ve been talking to the NLA’s commercial director Andrew Hughes about the fees newspapers are asking web monitoring services such as NewsNow to pay in order to index and link to their content…