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Smart cups & toothbrushes: Has the Internet of Things jumped the shark?

Everyone assumes that smart devices are going to be big.

They are undoubtedly fascinating. But nobody seems sure of exactly which consumer facing sectors are the ripest for, yes, you’ve guessed it, disruption.

There are many products in the market right now that may have a big impact. But here I present you with four products that show we’re still a long way from understanding human need.

Quite simply, we don’t know what we want until we’re presented with it. That makes it very hard to design products that will change the world.

I might be wrong here. Please chide me in the comments.

The quantified self: what can I measure and change?

I recently discovered Moment, the app that tracks how often you use your phone and also where you go each day. 

The idea is that by quantifying something, you can address its imbalance. Moment’s goal, as its website states, is to promote balance in your life. 

This is perhaps a healthier way for sceptics or cynics to look at the future of the quantified self.

So what can I measure and change?