Content marketing: sometimes the obvious answer is the best

It’s an age old question for content marketers: what’s the recipe for ideal content that will be read, linked, tweeted and otherwise disseminated around the web?

We have an informal motto when it comes to online content: for something to be worth your time, it has to be either Useful or Amusing.

Selling to the multilingual UK market

Foreign language consumer groups within domestic
markets represent a massive untapped market, and one that doesn’t require
e-commerce businesses to alter their shipping, payment or logistics set-up at all…

It’s well-established that if you want to sell to people overseas then you need to communicate in their language, but what about the consumer groups in majority English-speaking countries whose first language is other than English?

The foreign language internet: the 21st century gold mine?

Times are tough in the English language internet. With billions of pages of content competing for your attention, and many of them optimised for search engines, getting your web page into the broader search consciousness can be like running up the down escalator.

There is a place, though, where there’s less competition for keywords and domain names, and less content overall, and that place is the non-English or foreign language internet.

Q&A: Lingo24 founder Christian Arno

Lingo24 is a company which offers online translation services to a range of clients, including Orange, BP, Bloomberg, RBS and T Mobile.

It was founded In Aberdeen by Christian Arno in 2001, has grown steadily since then, and now employs staff all around the world.

I’ve been talking to Christian about the growth of the company, and the challenges of translating sales and marketing messages for foreign language audiences.