Using scams for content and links

If you are unlucky, like me, you’ll recieve hundreds of spam emails every single day.

This daily deluge of spam used to be a big annoyance for me.

However, after some creative thinking, I started looking for ways to take advantage of these emails and use them as content and link building strategy.

Four long term benefits of creating awesome content: case study

As a supplier of infographics, I’m regularly asked by potential clients how a certain piece of content is worth thousands of pounds. 

Great content allows you to use a small amount of outreach time to get a relatively large number of placements, links and exposure. But it is also a great long term asset (over the year), as it has the ability to provide long term audience support for your site.

I want to use the example of a client’s infographic which we ended up hosting on our site, so I can show with examples, how much of a long term benefit great content has.

When bad content happens to good websites

bad contentPublishers with quality content are undermining their brands and providing their visitors with a poor experience by attempting to maximize revenue through paid links to poorly targeted, often low-quality third-party content.

For example, did you know:

The one sure-fire tip for losing weight? That a certain billionaire thinks that the economy is about to crater? That Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan are having a baby?

No? Then you’re not reading some of the content being offered up through links on some major sites.

A rose by any other name: What I’ve learnt about SEO so far this year

I’ve had a busy few months on the SEO side of my job. I was fortunate enough to attend Blueglass’ SEObarcamp (a networking event for in-house SEO managers) and the three day SES conference.

I’ve also been conducting an agency review at the same time, thus picking up some interesting thoughts and tips, and meeting some great folk along the way.

Here’s a short round-up of things I’ve learnt along the way….

How to make sure your content gets links

A lot of the SEO industry has embraced content marketing heavily over the last twelve months.

I’d like to say there is no connection with the Penguin update reducing the effectiveness of some low quality ways of getting links, but I think it did have a lot to do with it!

Build relationships, not links, for SEO in 2013

Having worked in Search marketing for around 7 years now, 2012 felt like the year of ‘blogger outreach’ to me and there were some great examples of how to do it and which brands were doing it well

Here at we learnt in 2012 (as did many other brands I’m sure) that outreach is about building relationships not links and with that in mind we hosted a small event in December from which I thought I’d share some of our findings: