list building

10 top tips for building your email list

A friend of mine asked me recently “how do I get my email lists going?”.  He knew he needed to get his message out to more people, but wondered how you go about building up your own lists without buying in any data? 

In the recent 2012 Econsultancy Email Census, sponsored by Adestra, when asked, “Which three areas of email marketing do you really need to focus on in 2012?” segmentation came up top, but worryingly list/data quality has moved to fourth place. 

We all know it, but data is the key to effective email marketing. Having a good quality, up-to-date email database puts you up front in terms of deliverability and optimising your results. It’s also the basis for delivering relevant communications.

Getting your data collection and your list right from the start can make or break your email marketing plans. Here are 10 tips for building your list size without buying in data.