The road to email rendering: infographic

Ever wondered why your lovingly designed email looks badly formatted and plain ugly when it arrives in your customer’s inbox?

There’s a number of factors that cause emails to break, and its not always down to the email client.

Litmus has put together this infographic to explain the journey emails take before they reach your inbox, so next time you’ll know why your marketing doesn’t look quite right in Hotmail even though it renders perfectly in Gmail.

Designing the perfect email call to action: infographic

Email marketing is a tricky process – done right and it can be a valuable tool for driving extra traffic to your site, but get it wrong and all your hard work will be sent to the recycling bin after a brief skim read.

And that’s if the person you’ve sent it to even bothers to open it.

Over half of opened emails deleted within two seconds: study

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. And when
it comes to email, you only have a couple of seconds to make a good

That’s according to Litmus, a provider of email marketing and analytics
solutions. Using its Email Analytics service, it looked at “4 million
opens across hundreds of different email campaigns
” and what it found
should both frighten and encourage email marketers.