Local Business Center

Will enhanced listings bring Google a flood of local advertisers?

Earlier this month, Google launched a test of a new advertising program called ‘enhanced listings’ in two U.S. cities. This past weekend, the New York Times wrote about it and profiled a local business owner who has purchased an enhanced listing.

Jason Cowie owns a store in Houston, Texas that sells skateboards and snowboards. According to the NYT, Cowie was previously spending upwards of $1,500 each month on AdWords in an effort to compete with “deep-pocketed national chains“.

Google empowers local businesses

The internet can be a powerful tool for local businesses but in many cases, it’s the mom-and-pop shop down the street that doesn’t have the resources or tech savvy to make the most of the web.

Google is trying to change that and yesterday announced the launch of a Local Business Center dashboard that gives local businesses a set of free tools to monitor and analyze their business listings on Google.