Court: Apple can be involved in Lodsys patent suit

Last year, a company called Lodsys began contacting developers of iPhone and iPad apps utilizing in-app purchases, alleging that their use of in-app purchases, functionality provided for by Apple, violated a patent it owned.

Patent trolling has become so common that this wouldn’t be surprising, but there was a wrinkle in Lodsys’ case: Apple itself was already a licensee of the Lodsys patent in question.

Mark Cuban: ban software patents

Every week, it seems like at least a few of the tech blogosphere’s top news
stories have something to do with patents. From patent auctions to
patent troll lawsuits that, at worst, threaten to put individual innovators out of
business, it seems that patents have become one of the biggest sources
of headaches in the tech industry.

According to billionaire internet entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban,
the chaos created by software and process patents has some very big
negative effects
: it’s costing the U.S. economy jobs and spurring a
Patent Arms Race” that will inevitably impact consumer prices. But he’s
proposing a solution: eliminate the process patents that are used to
patent‘ software.

Apple fights the troll it fed

Don’t feed the trolls.” Anybody who has ever participated on a message board or blog knows this is usually good advice.

When it comes to patent trolls, however, some of the world’s largest companies can’t find enough food. When faced with demands from companies that do little more than buy and license patents, tech stalwarts prefer feeding to fighting.

And for good reason: patent litigation is expensive, and a lost lawsuit can be even more expensive.