How to get a professional logo for £3.46

Fiverr.com is a US website that allows sellers to post services they offer for a fixed price of $5. Sellers post “gigs” on Fiverr that visitors can search for, order, and pay for using PayPal.

There’s a wide variety of “gigs” on Fiverr including sellers offering illustrations, flyers, Facebook pages, optimised landing pages, comedy voicemails and even financial consulting.

Sellers have ratings and reviews to help you understand the quality of the work offered, you can also browse previous examples of work for further reassurance.

Surely though the motto “you get what you pay for” comes to mind and this is exactly what I thought. If you’re going to pay $5 (£3.46 at today’s exchange rate) you’re not exactly going to get a seller who is overly enthusiastic to design you a fantastic logo. Or are you?

DC Entertainment rebrands with interactive logo

Rebranding is never easy. A company’s visual identity is extremely important, and established companies can risk a lot when they make changes, making change challenging.

Such a challenge was faced by DC Entertainment, which yesterday unveiled
its new brand identity. The iconic comic publisher, whose fictional characters
include universally-recognized figures like Superman and Batman, was
founded nearly 80 years ago. But you wouldn’t know that looking at its
new logo.

Which e-commerce trustmarks are most effective?

The effectiveness of trustmarks on e-commerce sites depends on customer recognition of the logo, meaning that they are almost useless if you use a lesser known provider. 

Stats from Actual Insights suggest that just a handful of trustmark logos are actually recognised by consumers.

Indeed, 76% of survey respondents had not purchased something because they hadn’t recognised the logo.