How to get a professional logo for £3.46

Fiverr.com is a US website that allows sellers to post services they offer for a fixed price of $5. Sellers post “gigs” on Fiverr that visitors can search for, order, and pay for using PayPal.

There’s a wide variety of “gigs” on Fiverr including sellers offering illustrations, flyers, Facebook pages, optimised landing pages, comedy voicemails and even financial consulting.

Sellers have ratings and reviews to help you understand the quality of the work offered, you can also browse previous examples of work for further reassurance.

Surely though the motto “you get what you pay for” comes to mind and this is exactly what I thought. If you’re going to pay $5 (£3.46 at today’s exchange rate) you’re not exactly going to get a seller who is overly enthusiastic to design you a fantastic logo. Or are you?