Lost My Name: How funding from Dragon’s Den boosted an ecommerce brand

If you’ve ever seen the BBC TV show Dragon’s Den, you’ll know that most entrepreneurs come away with zero investment or end up giving away more of their company than they had initially hoped.

However the founders of Lost My Name came away with £100,000 of investment for just 4% equity.

Lost My Name is a personalised children’s book with two different versions – The Little Boy Who Lost His Name and The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name.

The animals and creatures that the child meets on their journey correspond to the letters that spell their name.

So a girl called Jess might meet a jester, an elf, a snail and a sheep.

The brand’s website allows users to preview the entire book by entering the name and gender of a child, which has proven to be a popular tool for prospective buyers.

We spoke to co-founder Asi Sharabi to find out more about the company and how the appearance on Dragon’s Den has impacted their fortunes…